Softmat Coasters

Softmat Coasters

The softmat coasters are great for anyone on a tight budget. These simple but stylish coasters are a popular cheap promotional coaster.

The softmat coaster is made from a soft flexible material that creates a static cling when placed on your desk, meaning the softmat coaster won't move around like some of the other coasters.

Softmat coasters are only available with a screen print design due to the material. The print is placed directly onto the surface of the softmat material.

The softmat coasters may be a budget coaster but they will look great on any desk. For more information on the softmat coasters please call us on 0207 096 3984 or download our data sheet below.

Softmat Coasters

Size: 98mm x 98mm or 98mm Diameter

Base Material: Soft cling base

Shape: Square or round

Minimum Order: 250 units

Lead time: 7 - 10 Days

Artwork: Download data sheet here

Softmat Coasters The softmat coaster is great to touch and looks smart printed in any colour. Softmat Coasters