UltraThin Coasters

UltraThin Coasters

The ultra thin coaster is the perfect solution for a mail campaign.

They are made from mark resistant PVC with a black non slip base. They are only approx 0.5mm thick meaning they are lightweight and perfect for mailshots. The ultrathin coasters are great to post as they are so light.

The print is placed directly onto the reverse of the mark resistant PVC surface meaning we can achieve bright vibrant colours and an everlasting print.

For more information on our ultrathin coasters please download the data sheet below or speak to one of our friendly staff on 0207 096 3984. As the UKs leading supplier of promotional coasters, if we cannot answer your coaster questions then nobody can!

Ultrathin Coasters Specifications

Please see details below for specifications on our range of lightweight ultra thin coasters.

Size: 98mm x 98mm or 98mm Diameter

Base Material: Black non slip base

Shape: Square or round

Minimum Order: 250 units

Lead time: 7 - 10 Days

Artwork: Download data sheet here

UltraThin Coasters Make this ultrathin coaster a cost effective part of your marketing plan. UltraThin Coasters