A2 Armadillo Counter Mats

A2 Armadillo Counter Mats

The armadillo counter mats are our best selling counter mat. These welded mats feature a soft cling base which creates a static grip on the counter top so they do not slide around. The armadillo counter mats are very popular in banks as cash mats and in petrol stations to advertise the latest fuels.

The prime position of A2 armadillo counter mats makes them the perfect advertising canvas and like all the counter mats that we offer they can be custom printed with your company logo.

The A2 armadillo counter mats have a durable mark resistant PVC surface which is then strongly welded to a 2mm soft cling base. We print directly to the reverse of the plastic meaning then print is everlasting.

If you're looking for bright vibrant counter mats then you will not find much better than the A2 armadillo counter mat. We can also offer the armadillo counters in additional sizes such as A3.

For more information on our range of counter mats, or to discuss your requirements, call us on 0207 096 3984.

A2 Armadillo Counter Mats Mikkis is a leading supplier of promotional products including A2 armadillo counter mats. A2 Armadillo Counter Mats