Textile Counter Mat

Textile Counter Mat

These lovely, affordable textile counter mats have good non slip qualities and come in a very wide range of sizes including small counter mats that are often hard to find. They are easy to reposition on your counter and look very appealing. They are perfect for point of sale purchases and products and will suit any marketing campaign. Ideal as counter mat protection for eye glasses, mobile phones and jewellery. They can also be used as a desk mat in an office, so they really are versatile! If you want to know more about our counter mats please call our friendly team on 0207 096 3984.

Textile counter mat specifications

Material: Textile surface, natural rubber base.

Printing: Lithographic dye sublimation

Size: 33 x 24cm, 29.7 x 21cm, 42 x 29.7cm, 60 x 40cm

Thickness: 1.5mm and 3mm rubber


Custom sizes are available up to 1.5M x 3.8M.

Textile Counter Mat Textile counter mats can be printed in any colours to suit your logo and design. Textile Counter Mat