Crystal Desk Sets

Crystal Desk Sets

The ultimate in stylish desk sets!

The crystal desks set is constructed using the crystal style mouse mats and coaster products. A stylish set of translucent mouse mat, coasters and pen pot which are a compliment to any desk. Add a phone home to transform this set into a desk set plus.

We offer two versions of this desk set, which are detailed below

Desk Set

The desk set includes a pen pot, mouse mat and a pair of coasters.

Desk Set Plus (As Pictured)

The desk set plus includes pen pot, mouse mat, pair of coasters & phone home.

Please note crystal sets are supplied with translucent pen pots and phone home.

The standard size of the mouse mat 200mm x 200mm and the coasters 90mm x 90mm

Packed into a clear Polypropylene self seal bag as standard or a white envelope if requested.

For more information on our range of crystal desk sets, or to discuss your requirements, call us on 0207 096 3984.

Crystal Desk Sets A fully customised desk set containing mouse mat, coasters, pen pot and phone holder. Crystal Desk Sets