Hardtop Desk Sets

Hardtop Desk Sets

The ultimate hardtop desk set!

The hardtop desk sets can be screen print or four colour process. The print is placed directly onto the under surface of the mark resist material with a black 3mm EPDM foam base. We do not use paper inserts, your design goes right to the edges of the mat, no nasty white borders.

The hardtop desk set is one of our best selling desk sets. They colours are vibrant and bright which adds to the appeal of these great products. The hardtop desk sets combines a hardtop mouse mat, coaster and pen pot which are a compliment to any desk! Add a the phone home to transform this set into a desk set plus.

We offer two versions of this desk set, which are detailed below

Hardtop Desk Set

The desk set includes a pen pot, mouse mat and a pair of coasters.

Hardtop Desk Set Plus (As Pictured)

The desk set plus includes pen pot, mouse mat, pair of coasters & phone home.

The standard size of the hardtop mouse mats is 200mm x 200mm and the coasters 90mm x 90mm

Packed into a clear Polypropylene self seal bag as standard or a white envelope if requested.

For more information on our range of hardtop desk sets, or to discuss your requirements, call us on 0207 096 3984.

Hardtop Desk Sets Hardtop desk sets offer multiple marketing opportunity in one gift. Hardtop Desk Sets