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Coloured Mugs

Coloured Mugs

Brightly coloured mugs are available in a range of pantone colours and can be pantone matched. They have long been one of our most popular mugs as the bright coloured coatings look amazing.

The simple Durham style colour mug is an earthenware classic and when most people think of coloured mugs they will be thinking of this particular style.

These coloured mugs make the perfect promotional mugs as their bright vibrant colours are not only eye catching but provide the perfect backdrop for any company logo.

The bright vibrant mug colours are applied to an earthenware mug and the glossy finish looks great.

The promotional coloured mug is only available with a screen print design. They are microwave safe but due to the specialist coating these mugs are not dishwasher safe.

Coloured Mugs This range of coloured mugs are a classic shape and can be pantone matched to your company colours. Coloured Mugs