Metallic Colour Coat Mugs

Metallic Colour Coat Mugs

Metallic Colour Coat Mugs are available in Opal, Dinky Durham, Durham, Sparta, Marrow, Mini Marrow, Latte, Small Latte, Torino, Malabar travel mug, Roma and Bell.  The standard colours are metallic lilac, metallic red, metallic blue, metallic green, metallic bronze, silver and gold.

These mugs are ideal for trade exhibitions, corporate giveaways, desktop promotions, Cafés, kitchenware and cooking businesses and coffee bars.

Lead time: 15 working days

Minimum Qty: 288

To find out more about our Metallic Colour Coat mugs, please call our
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Metallic Colour Coat Mugs Metallic colour coat mugs are very eye catching and bring everyone's attention to your brand. Available in 12 mug designs and in 7 gorgeous metallic colours. Metallic Colour Coat Mugs