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Wow Mugs

Wow Mugs

Wow mugs are now available in 3 new distinctive styles as pictured above, small wow mugs, tall wow mugs and standard wow mugs.

Wow Mugs or Colour Change mugs as they are sometimes known provide a bright vibrant printing and a stunning visual effect.

When hot water is poured into a Wow Mug, the heat sensitive coating becomes transparent revealing the printed image beneath, strong and bright. As the wow mug cool the heat sensitive coating is restored to its original colour.

The Wow mug is created by applying a coloured heat sensitive coating to the outside of an earthenware mug which is then personalised using the dye sublimation print process.

For the latest coating colours on wow mugs please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Wow Mugs make the perfect promotional mugs, as their vibrant unusual design always catches the eye. Available in a choice of coating colours (if the image is printed on a dark coating, it is only visible when the mug is cold. On lighter coatings the image will be more visible).

Due to the specialist nature of the coating, Wow mugs are not dishwasher safe. Prolonged exposure of the Wow Mug to direct sunlight will, over time, fade the coating.

Wow Mugs The incredible Wow mug features a heat sensitive coating that becomes transparent with hot liquid inside, revealing your design. Wow Mugs