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Soft Rests

Soft Rests

The soft rest is another addition to our range of promotional mat rest. The soft rest is designed to be placed in front of your keyboard. These soft comfortable wrist rests support the wrist whilst using your keyboard

The soft rest wrist rests are made from a non slip soft foam with a smooth top layer to provide a sharp print and a durable, non fraying edge.

Simple designs are screen printed and are available in two sizes.

  • 450mm x 70mm x 16mm
  • 450mm x 95mm x 16mm

We can also print 4 colour process for which only one size is available:

  • 400mm x 85mm x 16mm

Some colours will appear pasty if printed onto dark materials. It is best to avoid designs with borders or text which is too close to the edge as the soft mat top layer is too elastic to guarantee perfect print registration!

If you have any questions regarding our soft wrist rests then please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff, on 0207 096 3984, who will be more than happy to discuss you wrist rests requirements!

Soft Rests The soft rest is a stand alone wrist rest to use in front of your key board. Your company logo will be seen many times a day! Soft Rests