Recycled Brite Mat Coasters

Recycled Brite Mat Coasters

The recycled brite mat coaster is one of our hardest wearing coasters. These rigid tough coasters stand up to all the daily wear and tear and are virtually indestructible under normal use and they now come as a recycled option.

If you’re tired of mouse mats that fall to pieces within weeks of being used then we can help. We sell a number of mat options that are made with recycled materials, providing you with a pad that is as effective and comfortable as it is environmentally friendly. The mats that we sell are of premium quality and will last an age, ensuring that your company logo gets maximum exposure.

Our recycled mats are a big seller and are available in a number of sizes. Strengthening your brand is easy with our mats and other quality promotional products

The combination of high definition litho process print and internal lamination gives the recycled brite mat coasters a superb print quality for even detailed small images.

The recycled brite mat coasters feature a textured top surface which stops them sticking to a wet cup and the special non slip base stops then sliding around the desk like a lot of other coasters.

If you're looking for a recycled coaster that provides stunning visual graphics and is hard wearing then the brite mat coasters are for you.

Please see details below for specifications on our range of durable recycled brite mat coasters.

Size: 95mm x 95mm or 95mm Diameter

Base Material: Non slip base

Shape: Square or round

Minimum Order: 250 units

Lead time: 7 - 10 Days

For more information on our range of recycled Brite Mat Coasters, or to discuss your requirements, call us on 0207 096 3984.

Recycled Brite Mat Coasters Recycled brite mat coasters are hard wearing, light, brandable and cost effective. Recycled Brite Mat Coasters