Recycled Black Charm Pens

Recycled Black Charm Pens

People normally tend to think that recycled products look cheap. Well take a look at these stylish recycled pens and think again!

These great recycled pens feature a black barrel with chrome trim making these not only environmentally friendly but also stylish promotional items. These recycled pens are made from recycled UK packaging and can be custom printed with your company logos.

The recycled black charm pen is a great promotional tool as people always need a pen, the saying "you can never find a pen when you need one" certainly won’t be true with these pens as they will take pride of place on everyone’s desk.

The recycled pen features a print area of 25mm x 20mm.

We also have a large additional range of recycled pens which are made from recycled packaging, recycled CD cases, recycled car parts and much more. Please call us on 0207 096 3984 to find out more.

Recycled Black Charm Pens Mikkis is a leading supplier of promotional products including these attractive, recycled black charm pens. Recycled Black Charm Pens