Recycled Tyre Coasters

Recycled Tyre Coasters

A coaster made from an old car tyre, it's hard to believe! Finally a use for those that pile of old car tyres!

The recycled tyre coasters are actually made from old tyres! These desk coasters could be made from that very punctured tyre that took you ages to change in the rain! The recycled tyre coasters are available only in black as obviously car tyres are black and to change the colour of the rubber would involve processes that would not be environmentally friendly! The recycled tyre coasters have a rubber finish and have extremely good grip so they won't slide around on your desk and spill your cup of tea!

The recycled tyre coaster comes in either a 90mm x 90mm square or 90mm diameter circle. Minimum order quantity of just 500 units.

For more information on our range of recycled Tyre coasters, or to discuss your requirements, call us on 0207 096 3984.

Recycled Tyre Coasters Recycled tyre coasters help reduce the used tyre mountains and get your brand noticed by customers new and existing. Recycled Tyre Coasters