The Eco List

Eco List

Welcome to our Eco List! Reduce your carbon footprint with our range of recycled products, made from recycled, recyclable, sustainable or natural materials. Choose from USB flash drives, paper pads, mousemats and keyfobs & magnotes all at competitive prices. Many companies want to be part of the green revolution - why not give it a try, with this innovative range.

The eco list website is unbranded, which allows you to direct your client so they can browse our great range of promotional eco products, find it at, just click the Eco tab at the top.

As a long established supplier to both companies large and small, you can be safe with the knowledge that Mikkis Group of Companies is the UK's leading supplier of promotional items. We aim to supply the best possible products along with outstanding customer care.

If you have a query please fill in the enquiry form, or call 0207 096 3984 and speak to one of our friendly staff to discuss your Eco requirements.

To view some of our recycled range please click here.